Thursday, March 10, 2011

Spirits in the Hypnopompic State

March 10th 2011 at 4:30 am.
I was sleeping when something out of the blue woke me up. I had the urge to look down near my feet which was near my computer. I see a spirit in the doggy position looking at my computer. It was so real that I subconsciously exclaimed "Get away from me!". I was absolutely terrified, though it was so dark the silvery spirit some how made me think of my father. The spirit vanished as quickly as it had came. I am still scarred! It was too real, I have grabbed my protection pentacle and have it against my chest. My body must have just re-entered from the astral state and was still lucid enough in that plane for me to see this spirit. I know it was real, I was not dreaming it, and I have had no black out period since seeing it. I am too scarred now at 4:40 to go back to sleep, so it looks like I will turn on some lights and light a protection candle and be up for the mooning.
Yesterday I had woken up dreaming about me giving my family another chance and I was sure it was a good idea to at least give them the opportunity and I was sure that they were in the end going to be accepting. In the instant moment this morning somehow I was sure of the opposite, and I was sure that I never wanted to contact my father again. It should have been unrelated! Seeing a ghost and then all of a sudden my position on an issue completely flip flopped and I am not on the other side without any real reasoning as to how and why I flipped such a major decision so drastically and seemingly without even thinking about it; Instantaneous.

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