Friday, March 4, 2011

My First Glimpse

3/04/2011 8pm-1am 
I started exploration into OBE. My first experience was bone chilling. I realized that it was completely possible for me to do this, and I had a number of strange unexplainable happenings occur to me during this time. I had in the past month started reading a book that I had gotten on astral projection, however its method and explanation left me feeling like my creativity and imagination was subprime and that it was not capable of visual creation. I however have been sure that I can imagine sounds and music and can remember a small 15 second or so segment of a favorite song and be able to "hear" all the different parts and harmonies in it. I can play it over and over and then blend it into another segment later on. I am sure after doing it of course that I am not really hearing it but rather imagining it, but it is so absolutely close to what the song or sound actually is that when I play the song back I know what would happen next in every instrument or vocal line.
My experience started with me laying in natures clothing on my back with two candles being the only light in the room and some soft relaxing music playing. As I lay there, I thought about how my body was just a bottle for my astral self and started trying to think about vibrations. My eyes started crying and I got huge chills (vibrations) all over my body and it felt like I was being ripped from my body. I was not on the edge of sleep and I was in full waking consciousness. I saw a blue flame that floated around my "visual field" even though my eyes were closed. I reached for this flame and my body felt even more disconnected. I started to become scared and stopped and sat up. I then read on in the book and it said stuff about imagining that you were ripped from your body and then looking at yourself. I thought about it and then my eyes started crying really bad this time and I got another huge chill run through my body. And I was sure that this didn't really happen but it felt so real, but I saw myself stand up and I looked up and saw me, clothed in what I had been wearing earlier looking down at me saying "Christina!" I was terrified, this was so real and it scared me so much that once again I stopped and went back to sitting there. 
I read on and did more of the exercises, but nothing new developed.

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