Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My first REAL OoBE!

March 16th…
I just had my first OBE, it started as a lucid dream.

I was in the car with mom, and she was at the bottom of our street (heading towards shaftner road) there and she was going 40 plus and there was a car infront of her that was going really slow, she was going to slow down, but I decided to have her speed up. We zoomed around this car like at 50 at the last second with inches to the stop sign at the T intersection and fishtailed the corner only to get sideswiped by another car that was driving along shaftner road. I was thrown out of my body in this. I felt the vibrations, though I didn't see anything, so I tried to visualize a white line, which made the vibrations stronger, the white line started to gain perspective and it laid down, it was 3d and I felt it was a piece of wood, a white 2x4 with the grain and knots just like a real one. It felt like my head was being electrocuted. Then I remember what the books say about seeing and movement. I felt my arm, it was numb like it was floating, my left astral arm was floating in the air and it felt like it was, like nothing was even touching it…. it was suspended on a cloud and it was so comfortable… the feeling manifested as a visualization of a shimmering waving arm floating in the air. I then realized that I was seeing light even though I didn't think my physical eyes were open, but I couldn't really see what it was, I waved my left astral arm around and I think I may have moved my physical arm, but I am not sure. I tried to open my eyes, it seriously isn't bright enough in the room right now for me to have seen what I saw with physical eyes. I did not see myself, rather I felt I was looking at a Television there was something playing on the screen, there was a halo around it and the rest of the room was pitch dark. Perhaps it was a neighbors box based on the direction I am laying down, all there is is my window and a clock. The clock was out of sight range and the window I do not believe has any light coming out of it. I blacked out and came to in a few seconds and was so excited to write in here! OMG it was awesome dude. I was in waking consciousness in that driving dream. I had been dreaming before, it was a dumb dream and I don't remember what it was, but I was in and out of deep unconscious and full consciousness before the driving dream started. This driving dream was at the most 30 seconds long, I mean all we did was zoom around a car and get side swiped by another one, but it was so real feeling that my consciousness got brought into the astral plane. I think I am probably going to go around in another circle if I keep typing, so I am going to try to project again, and get back down into relaxation and shit and see what happens .

the time is 2:54 probably 2:48 or so when I woke up from the OBE.

I just turned off my laptop screen and looked around to see what might have been my physical eyes seeing, but I swear the window looks like an ominous yellowish color, the clock is green and facing away from the pillow, and the other clock is out of sight completely because my blankets are all messy.

I was seeing a television.

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