Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Out of the Body Again (Finally)

04/06/2011 1:06 am
I had another OBE! In this one, I was dreaming for a really short time, it was simply me sliding down this railing in this elegant house, then the rail became endless and the background disappeared. I became lucid and I guess my subconscious messages a couple days earlier had worked because in my lucid state I decided to have a projection and stuck my leg in the vertical slats holding up the railing to cause myself to start spinning on the X axis really fast. I heard loud vibrations and felt a buzzing in my head like there was a school bell ringing in it, I focused to make them stronger and poof the dream disintegrated and I was floating in my astral. I didn't know what to do, my reasoning was asleep, it was as if I was told to open my eyes, presumably by Jefforee, however, I did not think to look for him because I was not thinking. I focused on opening my eyes, but rather, my physical eyes opened. I have yet to figure out how to see without opening those eyes. I bent my arm to take a look at it, it felt weightless, kind of like when your leg is asleep or what ever. With my arm still up in the air, I willed floating self to roll. I rolled towards the wall and soon I passed through it; it made a fffft sound like in stargate when someone would walk through the event horizon. I kept spinning but for some reason my mind started to awaken and I was now "seeing" out of my eyes that were open instead of projecting, and I could now see that I was more getting the vertigo of sponging and not actually spinning… well I was, but the perspective from my physical eyes made things weird. I shut them hard and tried really hard to get vibrations, which I got, only this time they were like 10x stronger than the first time, so loud. This time I did something different, while I was getting vibrations I said "I am outside". I tried to visualize the railing again but it just wasn't coming. I then got the idea to visualize the sound of footsteps on a wooden floor, wood soled shoes, it was SO real I could swear that I was really hearing someone walking down a hallway. Then I was in daylight. There were 5 guys in colorful shirts and guns chasing a guy in a short sleeve red polo shirt. Then there were gunshots, lots of them, I was scarred of a stray bullet hitting me, I felt like I really was at risk of dying! Then I told myself I am projecting bullets cannot kill me. and I looked again. He is running, I think he is white, I thought it was a sidewalk in the city, but now it is the parking lot of the post office. I am then shot back into wakefulness. I was like "OH SHIT! He's dead!" I go to the window and there is no one out there. But it was SO real, there is no way that didn't happen. I then realize I am kicking over stuff in my apartment… I either then woke up from a dream and was on my couch, or I was sleep walking and woke up standing up. I find it wierd that I can't remember because I am now writing this right after I came to. The END! :)

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