Friday, April 15, 2011

Astral Projection OBE... note to self: don't try to move the physical body

I was walking down a sidewalk and I was approaching someone scary. As I drew closer I became aware of the sound of the shopping cart that they pushed. I did not see the face but I knew it was dark. Right before we passed I felt this chill and the sound the squeaking got way more real than a real cart. I then was out of the dream and out of my body (vibes came with real cart sounds) in total blackness. I wanted to see a demon, I visualized one and I felt fear, I then wanted to see Jefforee and I saw and felt him there, he had no face… he may have, but I just remember him being a visible black manshape on the black background. I then became aware of where I was in the astral. I never opened any eyes this time. I was floating up in the air and I started spinning out of control. I realized that I was in my bed room at my parents place. I didn't catch any details other than the blue and white striped wall paper. I was clenching my physical jaw really hard, so I worked on opening it, and the astral dissolved but I was still floating in my body, kept working on getting my jaw open. I was paralyzed, but at the same time my astral arms are moving which when I "see" them I am back in my parents house in my room. I am standing there, looking around, I want to float, right as I start to, my mind (awakened from moving my jaw) said, no this isn't possible and grounded me. I tried jumping up to the air and commanding that I float, but the jumps were low gravity but I was back on the ground. Then when I jumped again all the gravity was there again and the whole thing sort of fell apart. Fin.

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  1. Hi Christina, I have been listening to your astral projection video. I feel as though im projecting y conciousness but i dont know if im fully out of body?
    just thought id ask your opinion and see what u think, im not feeling the vibrations i just seem to go lucid. thanks for your blog!